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A new season has arrived and, for many, that comes with a sense of revitalization and renewed purpose, direction and drive. By making it a  goal this year to spend a little time each morning in reflection, meditation and prayer, you can stay grounded amid the chaos moms call everyday life. Good moms need to have their wits about them when they are raising raising children, and with how busy things are during the day, it’s easy to lose track of your true priorities.

Recipe for a great morning

The easiest to get a little extra time to yourself is to wake up 10-20 minutes before everyone else so you have peace and quiet and your attention isn’t owed to anyone else. Open in prayer so that you can eliminate distractions in your mind. Meditate on one thing that you have learned in the last day or week. Or maybe you haven’t learned the lesson yet, and you are continually running up against an insurmountable problem. Consider this: if the same thing continues to go wrong over and over, there might be something you are doing unwittingly, or perhaps you haven’t learned how to handle a particular situation correctly. Meditation is a great way to get clarity on these types of issues. After meditation, write down and read through the things that you are doing well. This is a time for affirmations. You are doing so many things well! Why not encourage yourself with those things daily? Finally, take some time to write notes.

Whether you are a blogger or you keep a journal, take just a few minutes to jot down some thoughts and ideas that you’ve come up with.  Taking notes helps you keep your mind from wandering to things you may not want to take your meditation time to dwell on. Additionally, studies support the idea that note-takers will make stronger connections between related pieces of information. (Foos, Mora, & Tkacz, 1994) It doesn’t have to be long, but you will find that getting the words out will make you feel ready for the day.

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