Natural Face Cleanser Wipes

Natural Face Cleanser Wipes Yes to Cucumbers

As all makeup-loving ladies know, taking your makeup off is just as important as putting it on. Not only can makeup cause skin problems if you don’t wash it off before bed, but if you’re still wearing your makeup you can’t use the oh so necessary natural face moisturizers that refresh your face as you sleep.

For me, avoiding breakouts was enough of a motivation to get into a really good evening routine of cleaning my face. And to make my life easier, I decided to go with face cleansing wipes rather than just using normal face wash.

When I first decided to go this direction I went to the local supermarket and picked up a pack of Mirra Cleansing Cloths (because they were on sale, and I had no idea where to start).
I started using them religiously every night, first using them to wipe off all my makeup, then rinsing with lukewarm water to get the last bit of residue off my face. I saw an instant difference!

By the second week I was having almost no skin problems and my skin looked smooth and felt great. The cloths were moist and soft, and they smelled nice too. I’m having trouble finding the ingredients list, but if I remember correctly, there were no parabens in the Mirra Cleansing Cloths.

Renew Mirra Cleansing ClothsWhen I ran out of the Mirra face wipes, I decided to try a different brand:
I went with the “Yes To Cucumbers” facial towelettes which looked more natural than the Mirra Wipes. Unfortunately, I did not like these nearly as much!

The Yes To Cucumbers wipes look and smell great, but I had two major concerns about their performance:
1. Not as moist as the Mirra Wipes
2. Did not prevent breakouts

Because the Yes To Cucumbers towelettes are not very moist, you have to rub pretty hard to get your makeup off. As all us aging-conscious ladies know, you do NOT want to stretch out your skin with rough rubbing any more than you have to. Facial skin is so tender anyway, that the extra pressure required to get makeup off is undesirable. These wipes can’t be trusted to really leave you with a clean face.

Of course, the second issue is also fairly concerning. What’s the use of a natural face cleanser that doesn’t clean well enough to prevent breakouts?

The Verdict:
I will buy the Mirra wipes again, but I am definitely going to try a new brand to see if there is a natural facial cleanser that’s even better than Mirra.

I will not be going back to Yes To Cucumbers because they are too dry and ineffective.

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